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Who have we seen so far:



Moves Johnson


   The first time I met Moves Johnson was when he was hosting a music open mic in Berlin.

   I was super nervous, because, after all, I am a musical sort of person: for a comedian lol.



   I needn't have worried, because of all the accomplished musicians I have met in Berlin, Moves turned out to be one of the funniest.

   He calls that an eccentric stage persona,

I would like to call it an artist who takes his art 100 % serious, but thankfully not himself :-D


   Moves Johnson is originally from Toronto, Canada, and found a new home in Berlin some 3 years ago,

as well as his own band which is called:

"Moves Johnson and the Boxhoppers"


Watch the full show with Moves here:


   Moves has got a ton of awards, and while he is not busy creating music and all that goes with it, directing his own videos and curating "The Acoustic Guitar Project (which is the story of a traveling guitar that is shared by 5 local artists)", he even finds the time to teach the next generation of guitar god/desses.

   So if you always dreamed of learning how to play guitar, but didn't have the courage, grab your phone and write a message, because hey! Moves has even managed to teach Grandmouse how to play and she sure has got two left paws :-)

   In other words:

"A performer to the core, Moves Johnson has something for everyone. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love it. Always remember:

Moves Johnson Loves You!"


And if you want to know more, you can always go to his website: 

or you can follow Moves on his social media:

Facebook: Moves Johnson

Instagram @Moves Johnson