Why a Xmas song?

My first paid gig as a comedian was a one hour show in a workshop for handicapped people. 

It was awesome, the audience was super friendly, enthusiastic, and asked me for my autograph.

Only I had been struggling to fill the 1 hour with Xmas content alone, and had to use a lot of my "normal" repertoire, so since that time, I am always keeping an eye open for any material that I can use for Xmas comedy.


That is why I was immediately sold when I saw an advent calendar on youtube on "how to write your own Xmas song."

After following this series of daily tuturials, I had a pretty good idea on how to write the music, but I also needed some lyrics of course. That was more tricky, as I am not a religious person and my goal was to make it funny, not cheesy lol. 


As I was walking through decemberlish Berlin, and looking at all the shops selling colourful but ultimately useless trinkets, I thought, THAT is my topic, I will write about Xmas presents!

Even the toughest agnostics will understand what this is about.


So the story of Paula, Pete and Mario was born, who want to spend Xmas eve together in the kitchen of their flat share, but what to do when the postman had failed to deliver the presents they had bought online???


If you want to find out, come to the Record Release Party, or if you can't make it, listen to the song on spotify, youtube or any other of the usual suspects from the 2nd of December :-)