Fairy Tales about dogs

While she was in the animal shelter, Grandmouse´ probation officer (on the left) thought it was very important that she learns to "peacefully coexist with other species", especially with dogs.


Therefore she had to pick several dog related classes in occupational therapy, including crochet class where she would crochet oven mittens that look like dogs, and fairy tale class where she was encouraged to explore by means of her writing "that dogs also have got their problems."


In the end, Grandmouse has written a series of fairy tales with her probation officer, Mr. Schloomi, as the main character. Here is the first of them:

Schloomi and the Pharabobo

When snowtime came to Berlin, no longer able was Schloomi to fully enjoy himself.

It was not the cold wot bothered him. 

But how could he swim when the lakes and rivers all was getting covered with some kind of glass. Wot was getting thicker by the hour.


Luckily a good idea Schloomi had. And to himself he spoke:

why dont I go on a holiday to Egypt.

As a consequence, that was exactly how Schloomi did.


When in Egypt he arrived, a good idea Schloomi had again. And to himself he spoke:

since already here I am, why dont I go for a hike in the desert.

As a consequence, that was exactly how Schloomi did.


After hiking for a few hours, with the sun high in the sky where only the bravest kites can fly, suddenly see something on the horizon Schloomi did.


And to himself he spoke: 

Wah, one very fat Pharabobo that seems to be. Bet I will that he must know where good food to find in this area. His friend to become surely the best thing will be.


As a consequence, to the Pharabobo he spoke:


A Pharabobo you must be, correctly? So much of you Pharabobos I have heard before!

All my life I haff wished with my own eyes to see a beautiful Pharabobo like yourself!


That is most obliging of you sir, the Pharabobo replied. And if inclined you are so, ferry happy I would be to become your friends. If you agree, please sign here and to my cage we will proceed to celebrate.


But when Schloomi laid foot into the cave, the first thing he did see was the cage chock full with dead dogs its bones. Before an opinion he could formulate however there was a loud BANG! and a cage from the ceiling fell down. Right over top of Schloomi his body. By which way a prisoner he became.


As a consequence, of the Pharabobo Schloomi enquired:

What does it mean?


I am ferry sorry, the Pharabobo replied, but a trap for you I have laid. Rest assured that nothing personal it is. The truth is ferry hungry I am is all.


At this point the best thing Schloomi saw was taking out smart phone from his fur to consult Wikipedia. 


"The egyptian pharabobo is a subspecies of vulture. It feeds exclusively on dead dogs their bodies"


Do correctly I understand Schloomi enquired of the Pharabobo, that locked up in this cage you want to keep me until I have gone dead? And then you want to EAT me???


Indeed, the Pharabobo replied, such is my plan. But fear you dont need. No pain it will make when I eat you, for you will already have gone dead wont you.


And now: ta-da! for the cliffhanger :-D


What did Schloomi reply, and did the Pharabobo start to bring out his salt and peppa while watching Schloomi go dead? 

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