Grandmouse is different

from other cats. Perhaps because her granny was a hippopotamus, anyway in her teenage days she thought it was cool to make a living by holding up gasoline stations.

 Grandmouse with her probation officer


But when she was taken to the animal shelter, with handcuffs and everything, Grandmouse was not so brave anymore. She became depressed, and actually even considered suicide. Luckily that turned out as too difficult though, because aparently cats have 9 lives. Therefore Grandmouse was really excited when she had the chance to audition for the pilot project "Resocialization through singing." However if it hadnt been for her probation officer, she might never have gotten onto the project because when she was auditioning, the teacher said, "hm, she is a difficult case who will need many hours of lessons which might not be cost effective", but her probation officer said "money is not important here, the only thing that matters is that she has something meaningful to keep her busy so that hopefully she is not going to destroy so much anymore."

And it totally worked out! Cause training to be a standup catmedian has turned out so time consuming that Grandmouse simply doesnt get around to doing criminal work anymore.

To understand that, we have to look at what a standup catmedian fundamentally is, it is a cat who has to try and be funny while standing on two legs. That was extremely difficult for Grandmouse at the beginning, because of the necessary balancing. But her teacher said, not to worry, it only means she needs a bit more practice than those creatures who were already born with two legs, like for example humans. Or fried chicken