The most dedicated dogsitter in the world ;-)

  Hello :-)

this is me with my beloved dog Schloomi, we used to live in Berlin but now, after a long and happy life, Schloomi has become an angel...


For the moment, I dont want to get a new dog, because my two big passions in life are dogs, and travelling :-D And for now, I want to travel A LOT so that later, I can live happily with my future dog again without missing the travel too much ;-)


I am also a freelancer, and therefore, I have had an idea: why dont I go live in other cities every now and then and take care of a dog there, when their family are going on holiday :-D

then I can spend time in a city that I love and want to know better, the dog has a dogsitter who will live with him in the house, and he wont need to move to unknown surroundings, and YOU can get a dogsitter for free :-D


But of course I understand that dogsitting is a position of deep trust and therefore, I am now here in Barcelona until the 6th of March to get to know families who might be interested to „hire“ me as a dogsitter in their upcoming holidays. As I said, I am a freelancer and I will be very flexible with dates as long as we plan ahead well.

For now, my offer is: you can call me, text me, Email me or something and we can set up a date for getting to know each other.