Weekly livestream


  The way it looks, lockdown will be with us for some more time.

That sucks, but instead of what we cannot do, Grandmouse Flausch has decided to focus on what we CAN do.


And for sure, we can have a live weekly online show!

Guest Stars


Of course, there will be guest stars. 


But it get's even better:


YOU can be part of the show.

It doesn't matter if you are shy, because there will be many different levels of participation.


Or, let the troubles of the day dissolve, get in the mood and have a

Mulled Wine

 with us :-D


Known to many as a Christmas drink, mulled wine has received special attention this year because it was semi- outlawed lol. 

Which is why we have to keep drinking it SOMEHOW, even if it is a silly secret ritual :-D

Find out how we can drink together, even if we are online, in 

GLÜHWEIN and other hot topics.

Where and when

Every Thursday on Grandmouse Flausch her Facebook live page:



The second and fourth Thursday of a month are in English, every other Thursdays are German language shows.