Confessions of a Reading Roookie Pilot Edition

Episode Zero

Dear Weblog,


every night when its time to go to bed, I feel this temptation. 

Not what you think, you filthy diary!

I want to talk to god.

Here is what I would like to pray:

"Dear god, please make me NOT to have any new ideas tomorrow. I really really NEED a day of rest"


But of course I will do no such thing.

A cat has to have a grip on herself :-D

Besides, writers block is worse than lack of sleep and I know all about it because I suffered from it all my life, up until about the 3rd month of psychoanalysis, which is why I stayed for as long as my shrink recommended even after I felt better. It was the same amount of hours as the health insurance would pay for. Come to think of it, its really interesting how the universe checks out sometimes isnt it?


In the past I had many problems, but nowadays I have only got one: How can I manage my diverse and sometimes conflicting identities?

As a cat, I m supposed to be stupid as mud and only having learned to read and write in the animal shelter. 

But when I take off the fake nose, tada! all of a sudden I am as well read as any of your ivory tower pussiecats... 


Confusing, I know, but I have found a solution.

I will simply say that Grandmouse has a new job.

Because one of her fans is a shy but clever girl who likes to write, and she has asked Grandmouse to represent her writings in public. 

Also nowadays a lot of people are too lazy to sit down and actually read, therefore Grandmouse is gonna be able to put the vocal education which she has received in the animal shelter to good use and READ everything out LOUD. Into a studio microphone, so that it may become a podcast, which in turn lazy people all over the world can listen to while driving their car. 


The blog and podcast are scheduled to be published every monday evening, and the first episode after todays pilot thus should hopefully be available on September 9